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At Longhorn Painting & Epoxy we provide a full range of services for Exterior as well as interior painting.  As with our interiors, we go to great lengths to ensure your project reaches its full potential. To achieve this, we use a systematic approach to transform your building into your ideal aesthetic vision.


Our prep work is exhaustive. We inspect walls and identify and repair areas that require extra attention. We make sure that walls are sanded between coats and your walls are smooth (if required). Trim is sanded, joints are fixed and caulked, and nail holes are filled and sanded.


  • Eaves

  • French doors

  • Exterior Doors, Garage doors, and carports

  • ​Gates

  • ​Patios, pagodas, decks

  • Playhouses

  • ​Shutters

  • ​Storage

  • Stucco

  • ​Window bars

  • Wood siding

We believe that when you hire professionals you should get just that - professional service. That means when we are done, we clean up properly. We take our garbage with us so you can get back to life as soon as we walk out your door.

It's all part of how Longhorn Painting & Epoxy is better and why we're anything but your typical painters.

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